3D print works

4, 3D print artworks
1. The chair, transformed into an interactive swing, was created for Anagramme d'une Chaise, at the Maison de la Culture du Plateau Mont Royal in 2013, a group exhibition, organized by the director, Joanne Germain and the artist and curator, Louise Viger. It was also exhibited in a group show, Back to the Future II, at the Joyce Yahouda Gallery, in 2016.
2. The box with skulls, Silence, Codes and Property, exhibited at the Galerie d'Art du Parc in Trois-Rivières, in 2015, expresses my interest in the malleability of the print. 3. The paper bowl, a 3D element in my installation, Home / Studio, was printed from a model executed on etched copper plates. It was executed during a residency at the International Scuola de Grafica, in Venice, Italy.
4. The costume was executed for Mardi-GRAFF, 1977, a masked ball.