John B Aird Print 2023 Project

April 5, 2023

View this new print survey exhibit with a playlist and downloadable PDF publication, juried/curated by Pudy Tong and Brenda Webster Tweel, with publication design by Kate Parkinson online here. My work, Pose Work on Press was selected.

PRINT 2023

Le chantier, a research project

Artists Claude Arseneault, Elmyna Bouchard, Bosny, Sophie Cabot, Miri Chekhanovich and Leyla Majeri will share their experiments following their residency in Le Chantier: a research project on ecofriendly art practices. Furthermore, the Maison de la culture will host the conclusion of the Arts and eco-responsibilities event series which proposes two collective spaces of dialogue on issues linking art and environment in times of climate crisis.
Friday, April 21 at 3:30 pm

Chantier research project

April 24, 2022

Invited as artists, Claude Arseneault and Elmyna Bouchard explore the possibilities of eco-responsible photolithography within personal artistic projects. The research, experiments and results are done in collaboration and exist within the context of a wider research field on environmentally responsible print practices at L’imprimerie centre d’artistes in Montreal. You will find information on le Chantier, a research project for eco-responsible art practices by visiting the link below.

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Photo credits, Katya Konioukhova

Custom residency project at L’imprimerie centre d’artistes

May 23, 2022

This project proposes a “genealogy” of the manifestations and objects specific to print media. It includes two components: a docu-book, and a series of photo lithography prints presented on wallcharts. The docu-book, a documentary and visual object, investigates whether and how print workshops play a role in the construction of an artistic identity. The visuals in the docu-book and on the wallcharts take a humorous and satirical look at artists, and printmaking studios. The images examine different and ongoing concepts and positions on print media, the mission and role of studios, and how artists navigate their expectations of place. Acting as an archivist, contemporary and historical works will be cited, re-contextualized, and “re-imagined” to create an ambiguous and ironic sequel on the culture of print media.
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