Home / Studio

A print based installation

In 2017-18, the print based installation, Home / Studio, examines the meaning of my workplace as a place where artistic and domestic work merge. The architectural structure echoes that of a house with “stud spacing” doubling up as frames for twelve (12) prints on Japanese paper. Here, I question the interior space, as a feminine place, reserved for domestic and repetitive tasks. The repetition and concentration that comes with printmaking elicits a form of daydreaming in much the same way as performing routine tasks. This evolving work resembles daydreaming, a state of mind like that experienced when washing dishes by hand, or folding sheets.
From a texte by René Viau, translation by Claude Arseneault

Design and execution of support structure: Boris Arseneault

The work was presented in two venues; Traces, a two-person exhibition, at the Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Dawson College, Montreal in 2017, and Uncommon, a group exhibition, at the John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto in 2018.
Respectively, Traces a two person exhibition, and Uncommon a collective exhibition.